Planning Your Trip

Getting to the Tatra Mountains

Regardless of whether you are coming from Europe, Asia, the U.S. or South America, you can use different travel means to reach the Tatras Mountains. For instance, if you are traveling from Europe, you can board a train or book a flight. A flight would be fast, but a train would make the adventure more fun. On average, a train from London to Warsaw would take around 14 hrs with an overnight stopover in Berlin.

If you are located in the US, Asia, or South America, flights are the recommended mode of transport. Anyone from Asia, can either choose a flight which takes around 8 hours.
If you are in Poland, you can book a train via Polskie Koleje Panstwowe. This is the major train operator in the country. On the other hand, if you are in Slovakia, you can use Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko to reach the Tatra Mountains. Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko operates more than 1400 train routes per day.

Places to Stay

In Slovakia, you can stay in hotels located within proximity to the mountains. Some of these hotels are such as Nosalowy Dwor Resort, Hotel IFIS, and Aries Hotel & Spa. On the other hand, if you land in Poland, you can stay at Hotel Aquarian, Grand Tatr, and Hotel Murowanica.


Tatra Maps:

Mountaineering Equipment

To those who prefer getting their gears at their points of entry, there are various warehouses that provider hikers with what they need for hiking. You can buy hiking equipment such as hiking boots, backpacks, sunscreen, trekking poles, food, and drinks at local stores. Some of the most common stores include Mountain Warehouse Zakopane, Five Polish Ponds Valley, and Tatra National Park. Most of these stores operate on a 12hr basis hence giving you ample time to purchase your preferred products before you can begin your hiking expedition.

Hikers who have not yet arrived in Poland and Slovakia can get their hiking gears from online stores. Shopping online is always recommended since you can get a wide range of gears at pocket-friendly prices.

If you’re not quite sure of what equipment you need, check out our Kit List and also make sure to check the Tatra Mountains weather and conditions while you are visiting.

Emergency Planning

Alerts & Avalanche Warnings –

Planning for an emergency doesn’t necessarily mean that you expect the worst to happen. It simply means that you are well prepared for any emergency that may arise during your hiking expedition. There is an emergency voluntary group known as the Tatras Voluntary Search and Rescue Team. The central role of this search and rescue team is to search and rescue any hikers that may end up trapped in the Tatras Mountains. In order to minimize casualties and save lives, the rescue team has an emergency number that can be accessed 24/7.

National Parks Websites

The Tatra Mountains have a wide range of national parks that can be visited during the hiking expeditions. Some of these national parks are as follows.

Tatra National Park: Poland
This park is located in Tatra County, in the Malopolska region. It was established in 1954, and it usually opened 24hrs a day. The national park is famous for its hiking trails, caves, streams, flora, and fauna.

Slovakia Tatra National Parks –
This park was established in 1949, and it is famous for hosting some of the most endemic species such as the Tatra chamois. The Western Tatras hills are also a distinctive characteristic of the national park.

Pieniny National Park
This national park is located in northern Slovakia, in the eastern Pieniny Mountains which border Poland. It is the smallest national park in Slovakia and its known for its rich variety of plants.

Low Tatras National Park
Low Tatras is located in central Slovakia between the Hron River valleys and the Vah River. It is the largest national park in Slovakia covering about 728 kilometer square of land. The park is a must visit for athletes who love skiing.